• Christmas tree. ✅ Giant photo of Saturn in ultraviolet taken by Voyager. ✅ Yep, we are ready for… t.co/25CGGLOsn…

  • @morganfahey @benwurgaft I agree it would be useful. I am just lousy at naming things.

  • @morganfahey @benwurgaft If you come up with a word, I will try to make it happen.

  • @morganfahey @benwurgaft We often name things before we understand them well enough to name them. That’s how you get stuck with meteorites, which have nothing to do with meteorology. Microclimatology is probably the best you have to describe what is going on in the LA basin.

  • @ProfAbelMendez @PlanetTreky @dcottofi @francy_pants I’ll be at LPSC so I’m in for meeting up.

  • Talking about protoplanetary disks, @csalyk is telling a “tale of two carbon atoms” to explore the classic story for explaining how ices like water and methane are formed in a solar system. #habworlds2017

  • I am in Wyoming attending the #habworlds2017 meeting where we are discussing the potential for habitable environments on exoplanets. You can watch from home: t.co/e3apCvlBl…

  • RT @yfortiss: 50 Days Post Hurricane Maria 🇵🇷:

    Only a fraction of Puerto Rico has power and the grid failed this morning.

    People in the m…

  • @PlanetTreky Has NSF given you guys any idea when they will make a decision? Or a hint about which way they are leaning?

  • As always a David Brain talk is worth attending regardless of the topic. He is such a great speaker you can’t stop listening. #dps17 #mars

  • @SarahZielinski So true. We already know from the Bond film “A View to a Kill” that supervillians can use earthquakes for global domination.

  • @spacejammie Very cool pieces! Thanks for sharing and setting up the exhibit!

  • RT @denicefrohman: Puerto Rico is still a humanitarian crises more than 3 weeks after the hurricane. We must keep making noise for PR & don…

  • @PlanetTreky Stay safe!

  • The crisis in #PuertoRico continues: On the Media - Puerto Rico’s Never-ending Emergency t.co/HkiCYF6AT…

  • The ‘very big ocean’ between here and Puerto Rico is not a perfect excuse for a lack of aid t.co/482tTFwTk… t.co/AxljqNc1h…

  • RT @NYMag: Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane catastrophe worsens, but President Trump still hasn’t said a word about any of it t.co/SpZD

  • @PlanetDr 4/ Thanks for asking. I am seeing a lot of support for the people of Puerto Rico. It’s good to see Americans supporting Americans in need.

  • @PlanetDr 3/ Basically, they are safe right now, but the danger is not over. Things may get worse before it gets better for #PuertoRico

  • @PlanetDr 2/ One aunt needs to get to the states for surgery — her health is bad. But they can’t find flights off the island. Everything is booked!

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